hahaha you made me cringe, do it again

it's not that serious

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We are sisters who have a passion for being real about life’s ups and downs. We’ve all had our fair share of trials and triumphs and with the world the way it is today, comparison is something that we all struggle with. We want to be the big sisters you never had and remind you that life isn’t easy and it’s important to learn to give yourself love and Grace! We strive to build people up and be real about the confusing journey of life!

Don’t forget that at the end of the day, it’s not that serious! We love a good cringe moment and will continue to be ourselves at the expense of a little bit of cringe. Our collection is meant to be worn by anyone and everyone! we think it’s all fire and we know you guys will too. Go through life’s uncomfortable moments in our comfortable collection! 😉

-Summer & Brie